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Donna Edward 06/27/2016 4in x 6in World Stick Flags - Mounted

Perfect!! Good quality and prompt speedy service!

Carolyn Beamer 06/23/2016 Black Styrene Plastic Tabletop Flag Bases

These bases will be used for displaying multi-lateral international meetings. The various bases with different number of holds is great...gives us several options for displaying the flags. Plastic is nice looking and just enough shine.

Carolyn Beamer 06/23/2016 4in x 6in World Stick Flags - Mounted

The international program hosts a lot of delegations and workshops. These flags were the perfect size for displaying for these meetings. Material is good quality.

Jack DeJong 06/21/2016 Nylon Guam Flags

The two flags are beautiful and will be displayed on every opportunity to show them off

John Kuhn 06/21/2016 American Flags - ULTIMA POLY-MAX Everlast 300+

Wonderful, fast shipping!!! The flag is great and it looks great. The help on the phone was exceptional!!!

Deborah Cecatiello 06/21/2016 4in x 6in World Stick Flags - Mounted

One flag was broken in my first delivery, but the company shipped me out a new one immediately. I got it in time for my event. I was very happy with the service and the flags were just perfect.

Sheridan Phillips 06/20/2016 Mounted Maryland State Flags

Flag was perfect for my purpose, pretty, displayed well, just as shown. Also cudos to Customer Service, Janet, for getting it to me as promised on a Friday for a big party Sat - Thank you, Janet!

Sheridan Phillips 06/20/2016 Wood Tabletop Flag Bases - Black Finish

Hole was too big to hold flagpole upright but wrapping tape around it fixed that easily sturdy, fine otherwise

Sally Huggins 06/19/2016 ENDURA-NYLON Christian Flags - Premier

Also a winner!

Sally Huggins 06/19/2016 American Flags - ULTIMA POLY-MAX Everlast 300+

Absolutely Beautiful! Very well stitched! Looks like it will last longer than my previous ones!

Norma C Witherspoon 06/04/2016 Deluxe Oak Finish Pole Presbyterian Flag Indoor Display Sets

Here again, was pleased with the set when the order was finally clarified. All the suggestions and questions are the same as above

Norma C Witherspoon 06/04/2016 Deluxe Oak Finish Pole U.S. Flag Indoor Display Sets

Was pleased with the entire set, but would have liked to have had a brief set of instructions with regard to the assembly. The cowhide tab obviously was to slip over the top screw on the standard and the tassels looped through the screw-eye, but how should this all hang the most effectively? Did the best I could to make the display pleasing. A great Memorial Day addition to our church service!

DAVE ROBBINS 06/04/2016 Endura-Poly U.S. Stick Flags - Made in USA


Peter Davies 06/02/2016 Wales Nylon Flags

Great service very good quality flag quickly delivered

Lance G. 05/23/2016 Rectangle Solid Color Nylon Flags

Excellent quality and good price

Joanna King 05/23/2016 Greece Nylon Flags (UN Member)

Five Stars

Shannon Davis 05/21/2016 U.S. Military Flags Tabletop Set

This is pretty cool! It's nice to be able to buy them in a bunch!

Shannon Davis 05/21/2016 No-Fray Cotton U.S. Stick Flags - No Tip - Made in USA

Nice for the price. Shipping was fast.

Shannon Davis 05/21/2016 Endura-Gloss U.S. Stick Flags - Made in USA

Very nice! And I love that they're American made!! Fast shipping!

Gayle Taylor 05/15/2016 4in x 6in World Stick Flags - Mounted

Very Quick delivery, product well made

Kathy Heaps 04/24/2016 Congo Democratic Republic Nylon Flags (UN Member)

I feel like I got my moneys worth! The flag is well made!

Kathy Heaps 04/24/2016 Congo Democratic Republic Mounted Flags - 4in x 6in

Fabric a little thin, but good.

Lynda Taylor 04/18/2016 Wood Tabletop Flag Bases - Black Finish

The 12" x 18" Jolly Roger Flags did not stand up straight in this stand. Used a little wall mount putty and that seemed to help. Other than that all was well.

heyrube 04/14/2016 Aluminum Rotating Pole with Ground Sleeve - 9ft x 1in

Best purchase I ever made. My flag has stayed unfurled since I put up this pole. When I used the add on devices it was wrapped up all the time. Great product.

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