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Blake Bartlett 04/24/2023 Tall Vertical Solid Color Nylon Flags

Perfect! Exactly what I need, thank you.

Keely Mahony 02/21/2023 3-Horizontal Stripe Nylon Flags - Rectangle

The flags arrived in a timely manner exactly as requested. Will definitely buy again. Thanks for adding some fun color to my small business!

Gerardo Gomez 10/09/2022 American Beauty Floor Stands for Indoor Flagpole Displays

Item was just as described and delivered quickly.

Roy Barrera 07/04/2022 American Flags - ULTIMA POLYESTER

This is the BEST US FLAG I have purchased by far for my 20’ flag pole. I am very pleased with the customer service I received from The order arrived swiftly to my home and had my flag replaced before July 4, 2022. I did a lot of research before deciding to order from this company. They provide honest answers and great prices for great quality flag material.

DOUGLAS PIKE 04/26/2022 POW-MIA Flags - Endura Nylon

Flags arrived in a timely and excellent condition.

Christopher Lynch 01/11/2022 Plastic Slip-Fit Eagle Ornaments for Indoor Display Flagpoles

I’m very satisfied with my purchase. Product’s appearance is exactly as advertised; no surprises. Delivery was fast despite supply chain shortages and increased shipping volume from the Christmas season.

Nancy Lee Jones 06/17/2021 Ultimate Adjustable Aluminum Bracket - Silver

Best flag pole bracket I have purchased in 30 years! And, I have purchased many before this. I now own two of these and have passed on the great quality to friends. Thanks Express Flags!

Beverly McBride 04/27/2021 Standard Adjustable Aluminum Bracket

The price was very affordable and my order came very fast!!!

Renato Quiterio 02/19/2021 Ultimate Adjustable Aluminum Bracket - Silver

Great product works very well

Michael Gonzalez 09/15/2020 Regal Wall Mount U.S. Flag & Flagpole Sets

Love the high quality of the Flagpole set and flag. Also had great customer service when I emailed that I was missing one of the flag pole collars. Response was immediate. Couldn't ask for anything better.

Alexander Gauss 08/20/2020 Rectangle Solid Color Nylon Flags

Very good. Colors are nice and bright.

Donald French 07/29/2020 Titan Steel Residential Flagpole Sets

Great product. Would recommend this to anyone!

Sally Vercusky 07/08/2020 Ultimate Adjustable Aluminum Bracket - Silver

Thank you this is exactly what I wanted!! Fast shipment!!

Norette Mitchell 06/11/2020 Marine Corps Flags - ENDURA-NYLON

Beautiful flag. My first USMC flag for my newly-commissioned Lieutenant 2nd Class nephew.

Norette Mitchell 06/11/2020 Air Force Flags - ENDURA-NYLON

My second purchase of USAF flag. Will order my third one when this one is no longer usable.

Denise LoVette 05/05/2020 American Flags - ULTIMA POLYESTER

This beautiful flag is more than I expected. It's very durable and the workmanship in this product is outstanding! I ordered this flag because of the, sometimes, severe weather in my area (wind, snow, hail, sleet, rain). The past flags I've had only last a little over a year. I'm hoping to get a longer time with this one. I would recommend this product. Thank you to the employees at Express Flags. Keep safe.

Teresa J. Telles 03/12/2020 Black Styrene Plastic Tabletop Flag Bases

Inexpensive and just what I needed to display a variety of flags at once!

Twig Wiggins 03/02/2020 Rectangle Solid Color Nylon Flags

Quality of material and fabrication is excellent.

Twig Wiggins 03/02/2020 Triangle Solid Color Nylon Flags

Quality of material and fabrication is excellent.

Robert Holehouse 01/24/2020 Standard Profile Aluminum Flagpole Flash Collars - White Finish

Fast Shipment Great Product

Robert Holehouse 01/24/2020 Standard Profile Aluminum Flagpole Flash Collars - White Finish

Fast Shipment, Great Product Thanks

Susan K. 11/15/2019 Rectangle Solid Color Nylon Flags

Hi! Just wanted to write and tell you how happy we are with our order. I ordered 12 flags yesterday and they arrived today. That was amazingly, delightfully fast delivery! We were also very happy with the quality of the product, and they are made right here in the US – we always try and like to support US companies and manufacturers. I set up an account and will order from you again whenever we are in need of flags. Thank you,

John Treuschel 10/01/2019 Ultimate Adjustable Aluminum Bracket - Silver

Just installed so any serviceability comment would be premature. True test will next year during high wind days in AZ. I’ve had two brackets snap off at the base juncture from wind stress flying the lightest weight flag available. If this one fails my flag display days will end. I would prefer the design not to be open at the top as it permits water to enter. I’ve taped top and bottom openings and sealed to prevent.

Richard Lin 09/18/2019 Rectangle Solid Color Nylon Flags

Nice products with reasonable price.

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