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Christopher Elko 12/21/2016 Mounted Pennsylvania State Flags

Good quality on all the detail work

Christopher Elko 12/21/2016 Black Styrene Plastic Tabletop Flag Bases

Fine for being dirt cheap

Christopher Elko 12/21/2016 4in x 6in World Stick Flags - Mounted

4/5 flawless, one with extra threads hanging from it, so 4/5 stars seems fair

Olivia Hurlock 12/15/2016 Wales Nylon Flags


Olivia Hurlock 12/15/2016 United Kingdom UK Nylon Flags (UN Member)


Olivia Hurlock 12/15/2016 Scotland Lion Nylon Flags


Lea Brovedani 12/13/2016 4in x 6in World Stick Flags - Mounted

They are much better than I thought they would be! I ordered them so I could place them next to the food I am making from the country the flag represents. I thought they would be tiny little flags made of paper, but no, these are on nylon and are great reproductions.

Mark Gonzales 12/13/2016 Ecology Nylon Flags

Hi The flags arrived quickly and well packaged. Upon inspection I found vivid colors beautifully printed on nice fabric with perfect stitching and smooth, heavy grommets. A quality flag, thanks.

Chad Kelley 12/06/2016 Solid Color Nylon Stick Flags - 4in x 6in

Very satisfied but I need to order two more of the same flags and the shipping charge is higher than the price of the item. Is there a cheaper shipping option for such a small package? It seems excessive.

Wendell McCutchen 12/06/2016 Vatican City (Papal) Mounted Flags

All were great!

Wayne Blake 12/06/2016 American Flags - ULTIMA POLY-MAX Everlast 300+

Great deal thank you very much

Robert Bodycott 11/30/2016 Rainbow Nylon Flags

Very good quality flag Thank You

Wendell McCutchen 11/29/2016 4in x 6in World Stick Flags - Mounted

Exactly what I ordered. Fast delivery.

ANN MERSMANN 11/28/2016 Aluminum Display Pole Sets

The quality of your products is excellent! I do have one question..........how are you supposed to keep the flag from sliding down the pole?

Donald Vance 11/25/2016 U.S. Military Flags 3' x 5' Poly-Max

Only wish you had this in a larger size.

Charlotte Carver 11/23/2016 4in x 6in World Stick Flags - Mounted

Fast delivery and everything as expected.

Elisabeth Gay 11/22/2016 4in x 6in World Stick Flags - Mounted

They were beautiful and well made! Perfect for the decorations we needed. Arrived in good time. Only thing I missed is that they don't come with a base. Be sure to order separately if needed.

ALYSIA HALUSKA 11/15/2016 2' x 3' Deluxe Indoor Military Flag Set (Choice of Flag)

We used the military flags we purchased in our Veterans Day program at our school. It was such a great addition and the military men and women loved how we had these flags presented as we sang the Military March song. We are excited to use them for years to come!

Gary Guider 11/14/2016 Marine Corps Flags - ENDURA-NYLON

Great customer service! Mistaken ordered the wrong flag, called them, and they took care of cancelling it so I could order the correct one.

Maureen F Rothfuss 11/12/2016 United Kingdom UK Nylon Flags (UN Member)

I can't believe how quickly this arrived! It's beautiful and very well made. I plan to have it mounted and use it as a decorative item.

sarah stanley 11/09/2016 4in x 6in World Stick Flags - Mounted

Everything was delivered in a timely manner. I did go and switch the South Korea flag for the North Korea but I guess it didn't register so I got the South Korea instead. Other then that they were perfect

John I Kasteler Jr 11/05/2016 Ultimate Adjustable Aluminum Bracket - Silver

Perfect, just what I needed.

Patricia Nielsen 11/03/2016 Slovakia Mounted Flags - 4in x 6in

Initially when I began to place my order I had issues with the website and could not complete the order. I called customer service and they very promptly assisted me in placing the order. They were very courteous and so helpful. I received my order within 3 days! Excellent service and product quality.

José Gonzalez 11/02/2016 6 ft. Whip Rod - Fiberglass

Meets expectation. Arrived on time.

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