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Peru Flag & Country Facts

Peru Flag & Country Facts

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Flag Facts: Peru

Population: 30,741,062

Capital: Lima

Government: Presidential Republic

National Holiday: Independence Day – July 28, 1821

National Symbol: Vicuna (species related to the llama)

The Peruvian flag consists three vertical red bands on the left-hand side, white, and red with the national coat of arms centered within the white band. The coat of arms features a shield with a vicuna, a cinchona tree, and a yellow cornucopia spilling out coins. 

Coat of Arms:

Vicuna: Represents fauna

Cinchona tree: Source of quinine, represents flora

Yellow cornucopia spilling out coins: Represents mineral wealth

National Colors:

Red: Symbolizes blood shed for independence

White: Symbolizes peace


Did you know…

Ancient Peru was the center of the Inca Empire until their civilization was conquered by the Spanish conquistadors in 1533.



Source: CIA World Factbook

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