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How to care for your flag

How to care for your flag

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The life expectancy of your flag is dependent on the the care you provide. Flag fabrics are susceptible to damage caused by dirt, sun exposure, moisture and other damaging elements. To extend the life of your flag follow these basic recommendations:

  1. Wash your outdoor flag in mild detergent and thoroughly rinse prior to storage or use. Do not fold flag when wet.
  2. Indoor and parade flags should be dry cleaned. Many local dry cleaners offer free American Flag cleaning in June and July.
  3. Repair your flag as soon as damage is visible. Repaired flags are acceptable as long as the overall dimensions are not noticeably altered.
  4. When flag is hoisted on a flagpole, keep clear from trees, wires and any other damaging objects.
  5. In severe weather, take your flag down and store.
  6. Take down your flag at dusk each day and re-hoist the next morning.
  7. Keep your flagpole free of rust and oxidation which will stain and damage your flag fabric.
  8. Choose the correct flag material for your application and geographical location.
  9. Non-serviceable flags should be disposed of properly. American Legion Posts and Local Governments often offer free flag disposal services.

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